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Things to do in Bermuda


Dockyard Glassworks & Bermuda Rum Cake Company
Housed in an old warehouse-looking building in the Royal Naval Dockyard, dishes out traditional rum cakes and handmade glass art objects.
Distance from port: 0.2 miles (3 minutes walk, 2 minute drive)
Bermuda Craft Market
This bustling market is where you can peruse a massive collection of handmade goods, including jewelry, candles, ceramics, and more.
Distance from port: 0.3 miles (5 minute walk, 2 minute drive)
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
Climb 185 steps to get to the top of the famous Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. There’s no elevator, but the breathtaking panoramic view of the island makes every step well worth it.
Distance from port: 8.8 miles (23 minute drive)
Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art
This museum is a treasure trove of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other artwork that explores the mystery of the island. 
Distance from port: 14.1 miles (35 minute drive)
Front Street Harbourwalk
The brightly colored buildings that line the harbor are filled with boutiques, restaurants, and museums that captures Front Street’s energy.
Distance from port: 14.3 miles (37 minute drive)
The Island Shop
Local artist Barbara Finsness’s shop features hand-painted, island-inspired sketches that appear on just about everything sold at The Island Shop in Bermuda shopping hub Queen Street.
Distance from port: 14.6 miles (39 minute drive)


Horseshoe Bay Beach
One of the island’s most iconic—and most trafficked—stretches of pink sand, located in Southampton Parish.
Know before you go: Horseshoe Bay Beach is public, so there’s no entry fee. It’s easily accessible by bus. Beachgoers should bring their own towels. Next to the bar, there’s a public bathroom and foot shower. More info at:
Distance from port: 9.6 miles (24 minute drive)
Warwick Long Bay
The beach itself is set like a peach-hued jewel against green-and-brown scrubs laced with walking trails and towering limestone formations.
Know before you go: Like Horseshoe Bay, a simple footpath leads visitors down to the beach. During peak beach season, pop-up vendors sell snacks and drinks and offer rentals, and bathrooms border the car park, but don’t expect an established beach bar. More info here:
Distance from port: 10.1 miles (25 minute drive)
Spittal Pond
This sprawling 64-acre oceanfront nature reserve is home to more than 250 avian species, as well as the Bermuda skink, one of the rarest lizards in the world.
Know before you go: Spittal Pond is easy to navigate. A well-marked loop trail runs throughout the preserve, and the footpaths that cut into the shady green spaces are well-maintained by the Bermuda National Trust, which also runs guided hikes. Be sure to wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes—some of the terrain is rocky and uneven. More info here:
Distance from port: 16 miles (39 minute drive)
The Crystal Caves of Bermuda
An otherworldly network of caves and subterranean lakes with guided tours that take visitors deep inside two Ice Age–era caves where you’ll descend about 120 feet below ground. A word of caution: a tour through the Crystal Caves of Bermuda is not for the faint of heart or for the claustrophobic—the spaces that lead to the caverns are tight.
Distance from port: 19.7 miles (49 minute drive)
Walsingham Nature Reserve
The 12-acre expanse of forests, caves, and secret swimming holes is one of the island’s loveliest, most secluded nature walks, offering an intimate look at Bermuda’s stunning natural landscape.
Know before you go: You might get a bit turned around, but at just 12 acres, the so-called “jungle” isn’t quite wild or sprawling enough to swallow you whole. Stick to the path—or close to it—and you’ll be fine. Roots and rocks and the occasional scramble mean this is not a destination for visitors with limited mobility. More info here:
Distance from port: 19.4 miles (50 minute drive)



Frog & Onion Pub and Restaurant
Housed in the mid-18th century Cooperage in the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, serving a selection of traditional English style classic pub food, innovative entrees, and some fantastic fresh seafood.
Distance from port: 0.3 miles (5 minute walk, 2 minute drive)
An alfresco beachfront restaurant where you can dine on sandwiches, salads, and burgers or try the fish sandwich served island-style on toasted raisin bread with tartar sauce. Sip on frozen drinks or light spirits with a refreshing twist. It’s the only place in Bermuda where you can dine with your toes in the sand, though tables are all first-come, first-served regardless of whether you have a reservation.  Be sure to arrive early for one of the handful of tables on the beach. There is also an open-air wooden deck that overlooks the beach.
Distance from port: 3 miles (9 minute drive)
Blu Bar & Grill
Enjoy some of the freshest seafood in Bermuda while taking in the breathtaking view of the Great Sound; the expansive menu features oysters, swordfish, and every type of sushi you can imagine.
Distance from port: 11.1 miles (27 minute drive)
Bulli Social
This restaurant puts a gourmet spin on old favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and classic comfort foods. It’s one of the best ways to soak up the sun in Bermuda, with an outdoor patio to enjoy.
Distance from port: 14.6 miles (37 minute drive)
Devils Isle
Wholesome dishes that are largely sourced from local farmers are served at cozy sidewalk seating, hanging Edison bulbs, exposed metal ducts, and rough-hewn high-top tables meant for communal dining.
Distance from port: 14.5 miles (36 minute drive)
Marcus’ Bermuda
One of Bermuda’s best high-end restaurants, from chef Marcus Samuelsson, located inside of the luxurious Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, serving plates such as short ribs, pork belly, and fish chowder.
Distance from port: 15 miles (39 minute drive)
Art Mels Spicy Dicy
Enjoy the quintessential Bermuda fried fish sandwich, fish pon bun, at this real deal, out-of-town outpost.
Distance from port: 15.5 miles (38 minute drive)
Baileys bay Ice Cream Parlour
This turquoise-hued dessert destination dishes out homemade ice creams, sherbets, sorbets, and frozen yogurts in flavors familiar and not.
Distance from port: 20.3 miles (50 minute drive)


Dockyard Brewing Company (located right behind Frog & Onion Pub)
Is Bermuda’s only microbrewery, and has the distinction of being the only producer of any type of adult beverage that can put the “Totally Made in Bermuda” stamp on all of its products. Currently featuring 8 different types of beers and ales, Dockyard Brewing is a favourite destination of locals and tourists alike who wish to sample artisanal beverages of exceptional quality.
Distance from port: 0.3 miles (5 minute walk, 2 minute drive)
Yours Truly
A well-hidden, one-room speakeasy tucked in a narrow alleyway between Front and Reid streets, with nary a sign—or anything else, for that matter—to let you know that it’s there. To get inside, follow a simple three-step process: Find the matte-black door on Chancery Lane, ring the adjacent doorbell, and wait. A few minutes later, you’ll be greeted by an apron-clad server who’ll escort you to your dimly lit table, which has been set with a candle, a repurposed glass bottle filled with tap water, and as many short tumblers as there are people in your party. Chilled-out lounge music plays over the speakers, craft spirits line the shelves behind the small bar, and couples canoodle in dark corners.
Distance from port: 15 miles (36 minute drive)
Swizzle Inn
When this bar opened in 1932, it birthed the Rum Swizzle, the punch that's now one of Bermuda's national drinks.
Distance from port: 19.9 miles (49 minute drive)
Conservatory Bar & Lounge
Polished and refined gin bar off the lobby of the Rosewood Bermuda boasting 21 gins as well as house cocktails that dont use gin as a base. 
Distance from port: 19 miles (46 minute drive)

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