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Ultimate Costume Party

Theme nights are our equivalent of the ultimate costume party! They're your chance to get creative and crazy to show your Broadway spirit. Go all in with full costumes from your favorite musicals or keep it simple with a few pieces of flair, it's totally up to you! Theme nights are optional, but it's way more fun if you join in. 


  • Bring Your Own Broadway

    Bring Your Own Broadway

    Saturday, April 9

    It’s BYOB night aboard The Broadway Cruise! Participate by wearing that special souvenir t-shirt, hat, or pin to show your love for your favorite Broadway show. Better yet, go all out and get in full costume to pay homage to a Broadway character. There’s no wrong way to take part in this festive night where what you wear is sure to be a fun icebreaker with your fellow cruisers. Who knows, maybe you’ll even break into song!

  • Opening Night

    Opening Night

    Monday, April 11

    We’re bringing all the fanfare of an opening night on Broadway to the open ocean! Inspired by the glitz and glam of NYC, it’s time to get all jazzed up in your fanciest attire for one special evening. Complete with a night full of performances from your favorite Broadway stars and an over-the-top NYC themed culinary experience, this night will have you taking more than a bite out of the big apple. No matter how you choose to participate, this theme night is for everyone!  


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