First Available Cabins

We’re excited to introduce First Available Cabins, a new way to secure your spot for Sixthman events!

In most ways, it’s just like booking any other stateroom. You'll go through the full booking process now, and then receive your assigned stateroom closer to sailing. You’ll still have access to payment plans, travel protection, and the same great onboard experience.

Once the ship is full, a minimal number of these First Available Cabins will be offered in three categories - Interior, Oceanview/Porthole, and Balcony.

In the event that we cannot provide a stateroom before sailing, you will be refunded 100% of your payments, including Travel Insurance Premiums. In addition, you will be provided a Sixthman Future Event Credit of $1,000 and receive priority booking for future events.

If additional staterooms become available, they will be released weekly on Fridays until 30 days before sailing (March 1, 2025), when they will be released daily. Sign up for our mailing list and text updates for the latest news about ticket drops!

Check out our FAQs below and feel free to reach our Guest Services team with any additional questions or concerns.


  • We utilize historical cancellation data from all our festivals to predict how many staterooms will become available prior to sailing. Life happens and sometimes our guests have to cancel. Plus, while we never intentionally hold staterooms back to release later, sometimes we need fewer staterooms for production/talent/staff than originally planned, allowing us to offer those to guests.

  • First Available Cabins are set to the maximum price for a room of that stateroom type. You will be placed in the first available stateroom that matches the category you booked. Should your assigned stateroom be priced lower than the First Available price, you will be refunded the difference. You will ultimately only pay the price of the stateroom you are assigned.

  • All standard payment options will be available to First Available Cabins bookings. Review our payment options here.

  • You will be assigned to a specific stateroom by 30 days prior to the festival’s embarkation date (March 1, 2025) or be eligible for a $1,000 future Sixthman event credit. 

  • Pending availability, you may book a First Available Interior, First Available Oceanview or First Available Balcony stateroom.

  • If any Suites become available, they will be offered to booked guests through our desired upgrade list. Once you are booked in a stateroom, you may contact us to join the desired upgrade list to be notified if a Suite becomes available. This means you may book a First Available Balcony stateroom and request to be on the desired upgrade list; in this case you may be automatically placed in a Balcony stateroom or offered a Suite (which, if you decline, will keep you in line for a Balcony stateroom assignment).

  • Prior to 30 days before sailing (March 1, 2025), any newly available staterooms will be released weekly on Fridays. At 11am ET on Fridays First Available staterooms will become available to anyone with an EBT for the event. At 1pm ET, any staterooms remaining available become available to the general public. Stateroom availability depends on how many First Available Cabins have been assigned that week; some weeks there may be no new staterooms available, while other weeks there may be several new staterooms available.

    Beginning 30 days prior to sailing (March 1, 2025), any newly available cabins will be released daily at 1pm ET.

    Sign up for our email newsletter and text updates for the latest news about cabin drops! Once we have fulfilled all committed First Available bookings to a stateroom, all periodically released staterooms will be available on a first come, first served basis.

  • All guests receive reservation numbers approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the festival’s embarkation date. Should you be placed into a specific stateroom after this time frame, you can anticipate receiving your reservation number approximately 10 days after your stateroom is assigned. 

  • All reservations, including First Available reservations, are non-refundable. Please review our cancellation policy. If you are unsure about your ability to attend the festival, we recommend you delay booking a first available stateroom until you are certain you can attend.

  • Our goal is to accommodate 99% of our First Available bookings.

    If we are unable to assign you to a stateroom by 30 days prior to sailing (March 1, 2025), you earn a $1,000 future Sixthman event credit and have two options:

    • You can notify us to process your full refund plus receive a $1,000 future Sixthman event credit (valid for 3 years). Any purchased travel protection would be included in the refund.
    • If you are willing to accept a stateroom less than 30 days prior to the festival, we can continue to try to find a stateroom for you. When we place you in a stateroom, your $1,000 future Sixthman event credit will be automatically applied to your booking. If we are unable to place you in a stateroom before sailing we will automatically process your full refund and issue your $1,000 future Sixthman event credit (valid for 3 years).


    Please note: we recommend booking refundable travel (airfare, hotels, etc.) in the event you are unable to sail - Sixthman does not provide refunds for external purchases.

  • Sixthman does not provide refunds for external purchases, therefore we recommend you book refundable travel. Please read our “What is the First Available guarantee” FAQ for further details.

  • Your Sixthman Future Event Credit will expire three years from the date of issue. 

  • Should you wish to transfer your reservation to another festival, you would follow the standard transfer guidelines in place for the festival you are currently booked on.